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New Rotator

G-5500I am still completing my concept for rebuilding my Aerial Array. However, thanks to Franz – OE3FRU and SK Gerhard – OE3GOS, I got a Yaesu G-5500 for testing.

Also I already bought 200m of Aircell 7.

I get a SPID Big Ras for testing soon. Once I finished my concept, I will post it here. I will try both rotators. Franz – OE3FVU recomended this Rotator.


Finally the transition from to World4You is finished – apart from the EPC Diplomas and 1 Youtube Video.

Sorry for the delays.

Due to the limitations of, I have moved to my own Webspace using WordPress. Therefore I was very inactive in the last month, As you already see, the old Domain is redirected to is the new Domain. Please update your Bookmarks.