Sorry for not posting earlier. Here are all pictures from the reconstruction.

Today I began to remove the damaged antennas and the old cabling. My little Angel, Marie, helped me all the time! 🙂


On 2016-06-16, the local Firefighters helped to tilt my antenna array. 4 of 6 antenna’s are beyond repair. Only useable is the R5 and the Helix. All others are damaged. I plan to be on air in 2 month again.

A few days ago, I bought a GMC-320. I know it is a cheap counter, but still very reliable for Beta, Gamma and X-Rays. Alpha „Rays“ cannot be measured, but thats no issue. Here in Austria, we have no Alpha Source. Anyways, my future plans are to upload the Data to APRS (OE3GWU-15). OE3GWU-13 will stay my Waether Station. I cant upload the whole Data onto my -13 suffix. Well, I could do, but it wouldnt be displayed very nice on

Currently, there is no reliable Windows or Raspberry Pi Software available that runs stable. I am in Contact with the Weather-Display programmers so they are updating their Software. I won’t do a hardware review here. There are tons of them on Youtube.


I just updated my Weather Station Controller.

The old Raspberry PI B+ was phased out. A new Raspberry PI B3 is now used. Also Weather Display 11.3 was updated to 11.5. Thanks to Brian Hamilton for the long running support.

Also the Controller now hosts my DV4mini Hotspot for System Fusion and is prepared to host my Geiger Counter.

The now free RPI B+ is going to be used on the Sternstein Repeater as DV4mini Hotspot. Then we have a continous coverage from Vienna to Linz using System Fusion.

Link: Weather Underground


I have created Propagation Maps for following systems on our Nebelstein Repeater Site

  • 2m Yaesu DR-1X Repeater
  • 70cm Yaesu DR-1X Repeater
  • RMS Packet Digipeater

Those are conservative calculations. We had connections to stations located in DL that werent covered by this map.



About 1 week ago, the RMS Packet Digitpeater on our Nebelstein Repeater Site went online. It works like a charm – with standard TNC equipment. However we currently do have issues if people with a SCS Tracker or P4dragon are going to connect. The TNC-X cant decode their Signal very will. Therefore we decided to swap the TNC-X against a SCS Tracker. It is industry standard. We will publish information how older TNC’s need to be configured in order to work properly with the Tracker.

Anyways we are finished with the „Proof of Concept“. OE3ZK – Gert is going to publish an artice in our local Newspaper – the QSP.

For more info, pls email me.

Technical Data:

  • Frequency: 438.225,00 MHz
  • Mode: AFSK
  • Power: 5 Watts
  • Rig: Yaesu FT-7900
  • TNC: SCS Tracker
  • Computer: Virtual Machine running on a DELL PowerEdge R210 II Server

ATTENTION: Important Changes to R1X and R79

2m Repeater:

Input: 145.037,50 MHz
Output: 145.637,50 MHz
Modulation Input: AUTO
Modulation Output: AUTO
Power: 5 Watt
CTCSS: 88,5 hz

70cm Repeater:

Input: 431.275,00 MHz
Ausgabe: 438.875,00 MHz
Modulation Input: AUTO
Modulation Output: AUTO
Power: 5 Watt
CTCSS: 88,5 hz