On May 27th, my Hometown was hit from a Supercell. Ice fell in the size of 2-3cm (0,7-1 in). The Weather Station is damage, though will remain online. Wind speed and direction measurements are going to be wrong though.

On Friday, November 6th 015, the new Yaesu DR-1X at the Nebelstein Repeater Site went online.

Repeater Details:

RX: 145.037,50 MHz
TX: 145.637,50 MHz
Modulation RX: AUTO
Modulation TX: FM fix
Power: 5 Watts
CTCSS: 88,5hz


CTCSS will be enabled in 2 weeks.

Thanks to Alois, OE3IGW for his great work as Sysop!

Yesterday, Peter – OE5KPN and I installed the new Yaesu DR-1X Repeater on the Sternstein. It is currently in AUTO RX and FIX TX (FM) Mode and works perfect. Using 20W of Power, it doesnt reach as wide as the old FM Repeater which utilized 30W, though 1st tests showed that the repeater works great. Franz – OE3FRU and Karl – OE3ELG were called as test persons. Both approx 50km away in Lower Austria had no problem working over the repeater.

I want to thank Peter – OE5KPN for the great work he did. Also I want to thank Franz – OE3FRU and Karl – OE3ELG for the tests that were performed. Ther tests that were done with you were indispensable.

Some Info:

Sternstein FM Sternstein System Fusion
Frequency 438.975,00 MHz 439.062,50 MHz
Mode FM (analog) AMS (RX) / FM (TX)
Specials Tone: 1750hz CTCSS: 123hz
Power 30 Watts 20 Watts
Antenna Kathrein Dipole Kathrein Dipole


Yaesu FT1D

1 week ago, I bought a Yaesu FT1D.

I dont want to write a detailed review. There are enough on Youtube and I mostly agree with them. However, I am still in the learning phase. It is a great and beautiful HT. Using GPS, the Battery doesnt last very long though. I would buy it again. It is a beautiful HT.


Due the fact that my station is transitioning from pure HF DX to VHF DX, I brought my FT-736R and my VX-6 (because I was there) to IGS Electronic for overhaul.

I am happy to say, that my FT-736R is in good condition and working perfect. The Frequency Offset from 600hz was corrected. I will get it back next week.

I want to thank IGS Electronics for the fast service. You are great!

G5RV repaired

Today I repaired the damage done due the ice catastrophe to the G5RV and I was surprised. Actually I thought that the plastic shell between the Antenna and the cable was damaged. But I was wrong. The Antenna’s plastic hull of the antenna was damaged so it glided out of the shell. Poor Quality. I can only say, dont buy a G5RV from Thiecom. It isnt worth the money – though the performance is good, the quality sucks.

Anyways. Here is a nice Pic how a tree looks like after 2 years of cable around it.


Raspberry PI B+

RaspberryPib+comparisonYesterday I finished the migration from my old Raspberry PI Model B (one of the 1st in Austria) to my PI B+. I know, the PI 2 (B2) is already available but the B+ was now on my desk for 4 Month! 🙂

Whats New:

  • Rastberry PI B+ with a 4GB SD Card
  • Update from the Weather Station Software
  • Raspberry now running BOINC in the Background and is searching for Pulsars (Einstein@Home). – I wanted to run the climateprediction.net software but they arent ARM Compatible yet.

The Old RPI B is going to be my developement board for new stuff. Due the fact, there are 2 more USB Slots available, I finally can connect a Geiger Counter too.


In the last few month, I changed my FT-7900 to a FTM-400D. Reason = Yaesu System Fusion. The most advanced digital voice processing in my eyes. It uses a C4FM/FDMA Modulation. Please do not mess it up with DMR. DMR uses C4FM/TDMA. Thats incompatible. Both Systems use C4FM, but DMR uses Timeslots to get 2 seperate QSO’s on 1 Chanel. Yaesu uses FDMA. That means 12,5 KHz are seperated into 2x 6,25 KHz. There are several pro’s in my eyes. It is compatible with the usual 12.5 KHz Channel Size in Europe, it uses 50% for Voice and 50% for Data during normal Operation. It can use 100% for Voice or 100% for Data too. And it has a FM Fallback mode. So you wont kick out a FM Station.

The System Fusion coverage in Austria grew in 1 Year to double the size of D-Star currently avaiable. D-Star exists since 10 (?) or more Years in Austria. Imagine the growth. And it continues.

New Rotator

G-5500I am still completing my concept for rebuilding my Aerial Array. However, thanks to Franz – OE3FRU and SK Gerhard – OE3GOS, I got a Yaesu G-5500 for testing.

Also I already bought 200m of Aircell 7.

I get a SPID Big Ras for testing soon. Once I finished my concept, I will post it here. I will try both rotators. Franz – OE3FVU recomended this Rotator.


Finally the transition from www.wordpress.com to World4You is finished – apart from the EPC Diplomas and 1 Youtube Video.

Sorry for the delays.